June 04, 2014


India in a Box - New beginnings

Namaste World!

To start things off we would like to share a quote by the acclaimed writer George Bernard Shaw – “There is no love sincerer than the love of food”  Why does this quote resonate with us? Well for that let us tell you all a little about ourselves.

Over a year ago, from across the globe, students of the batch of 2015 arrived at Babson University to begin their course in Entrepreneurship and learn ways to tackle to big bad corporate world. With dreams in our eyes and a burning desire that was fueled by passion, we set about absorbing, accumulating and processing all the knowledge we could in the hope to someday establish successful business ventures.

Student life kicked in as we spent our days being churned and molded in the melting pot that is our class; a great big stew of different cultures, backgrounds, histories, experiences all coming together to form a delicious environment that we have grown to love and thrive in. One of the biggest factors we realized that people from such varied and diverse backgrounds bond over is food. 

Food is such a great canvas to showcase where we come from, shed light on customs and traditions and highlight the richness and generosity of a community. For people who move away from their homes because of education or career or any reason, food becomes much more than a tool for survival; it is also a source of pleasure, comfort, and security.

And thus the idea for India in a Box was formed. I have started this venture to bring a little taste of India to people across the globe, through ready to eat packaged treats. By creating products that capture the best of Indian cuisine while eliminating the intimidation and complications, India in a Box is my small step to help spread the culinary knowledge and traditions of Indians among the aficionados of food all over the world.


Shyam Devnani


( Founder & CEO)

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