India in a Box - Our Story

India in a Box is a ready to eat Indian Food Start-up, which focuses on delivering healthy and convenient authentic Indian Curries and Rice dishes to your doorstep. Our meals can be prepared hassle-free in less than 5 minutes and contain no preservative or artificial flavors. By creating products that capture the best of Indian cuisine while eliminating the intimidation and complications of creating them from scratch, India in a Box is our small step to offer authentic Indian meals to food lovers all over the US.

Free from preservatives and artificial flavors, our products are fully committed towards providing people nutritious and wholesome meals. Our meals are preserved by the latest dehydrating technology. This makes sure that the food retains the color, flavor and aroma when re-hydrated and cooked. In the dehydration process, a food dehydrator uses a heat source and airflow to reduce the water content of foods. The water content of food is usually very high, typically 50% to 75% of a meal. Removing moisture from food restrains various bacteria from growing and spoiling food. It also ensures that our food contain no excess oil or sodium found in our competitors and also that they retain the foods nutritional value.