Why us?

Our Story

The Founder

I love Indian food. Many of my friends love Indian food too and ask me for recipes all the time. But the moment I start telling them about all the spices, ingredients and recipes, it sounds too hard. I’ve been working around food my whole life, and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that food tastes best when it’s made with real ingredients. That’s why I started my own company, dedicated to making wholesome Indian meals. With India in a Box, you can now travel to India without a passport.

Shyam Devnani

Could use this too:

“Through India in a Box, we deliver authentic Indian meals that are very easy to prepare.”

About IIAB

We all wish to cook exotic Indian meals but our busier lifestyles and time-consuming recipes make it near impossible to have a nutritious meal everyday. Thus, we founded India in a Box in 2015 at Babson College with a goal of making an Indian meal with authentic taste, real ingredients and no preservatives.

We named it India In A Box because we wanted to deliver a range of Indian curries, rice and bread from different regions of India so that you can easily cook up a treat for yourself without dealing with the hassle of spending endless hours in the kitchen. All of our meals are completely vegetarian and gluten free.

Why us?

Over the past year we have secured a state-of-the-art facility, obtained USDA approvals, and finalized our recipes. But when it comes to breaking into a market and competing with “the big guys,” we need your help!

We need to raise $25,000 in order to get our meals to you that not only meet our nutritional and taste standards, but also are competitively priced; we need to be able to make large-scale, cost-efficient purchases.

Funds will also go towards crafting more innovative recipes and building new relationships with bloggers from across the country!

Risks and Challenges

Expenses increase, delays can happen! We know this well from the several crowdfunding campaigns with partners and friends that I helped create and manage. Sure, I've got lots of experience with a lots of stuff, but I also know when it's time to bring in others for help. I'm grateful for the incredible network of supporters and helpers I've got to make all of this happen, and make it awesome.

New Risks and Challenges

  1. This is a volume driven business. The greatest challenge is to ensure we reach a wide audience quickly in order to build a sustainable business. In the event we get far more orders than we initially anticipated, there could be some delay in fulfilling all the orders.

  1. Shipping costs form a significant portion of our costs. Any changes will negatively impact our profitability.

  1. Courier companies can be unreliable. Delivery issues by the third party could have a negative impact on the overall customer experience.