Why Us

Make good food choices!

All good No bad

All our meals are made with fresh, organic and high quality ingredients. Each meals retains highest nutritional value and is completely free of sodium and other preservatives. Allow us to support your commitment to healthy eating by providing a superior meal option that is not only nourishing but also tastes great.

Eat real Indian food

Celebrate India’s rich food heritage with authentic Indian meals made using trusted recipes. Our classic meals are handcrafted by  experienced chefs using a multitude of traditional ingredients and spices to give you a real taste of Indian food.

As convenient as it can get

Let’s admit it, no one likes spending a ton of time over a stove at the end of an exhausting day. Our meals can be prepared hassle free in just 5 minutes. Our range of ready-to-eat meals are meant to save you time and effort that is required to prepare a meal from the scratch

Delivery straight to your doorstep

Your favorite Indian meals delivered right to your doorstep at the click of a button. What else does one need?